OSD 21.3.18+
This is a new function that will create an OSDCloud.usb that can be used for offline imaging. When the OS is copied fully (and the OSD Module is added to WinPE) you can image completely offline without an Internet connection.
Make sure you have your OSDCloud.workspace setup first or you will be forced to create one first


Windows 10 1703+ is needed to create the USB Disk with 2 Partitions. This is a showstopper that I can't help you with to the "What about my Server 2012?" crowd. Remember I am a "CLIENT", not "SERVER" guy

The Process

To get started, open PowerShell with Admin rights. Simply enter New-OSDCloud.usbto get rolling
New-OSDCloud.usb builds off New-OSDBoot.usb (new function) if you want to make a bootable USB without all the OSDCloud garbage
You will be presented with a table of the USB Drives that are present on your system, regardless of whether you have 1 or 5. Simply enter the DiskNumber to make a selection
After selecting a DiskNumber, you will be prompted to Confirm the selection as this is a destructive process. Once you Confirm, the USB Drive will be Cleared, Initialized, Partitioned, and Formatted. When the USB Volumes are ready, your OSDCloud Media will be copied to the Boot partition. The whole process should take between 1-2 minutes to complete

Disk Management

As you can see in Disk Management, the USB Drive will contain two partitions. The first partition will be the OSDCloud NTFS partition, with the second being the 2GB FAT32 Partition. Other guides may tell you to create the FAT32 partition first, but they are wrong, and I am right. For one reason, FAT32 gets corrupted all the time. Its easier to destroy and recreate at the end of the drive without messing with the NTFS partition. Secondly, you are free to shrink and extend this smaller partition. If the partitions were reversed, you would not be able to extend the start point of the second partition without losing all the NTFS data.
So why 2GB? This allows for a dual boot WinPE which I will address in a future update
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