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My Contributions

OSDCloud was not a quick thought, nor has it been easy. The difficult part for me has been the balance of Family, Work, Personal, and Community time, in that order. My time is not infinite, and when I have to give more time to the Community, it has to be taken from somewhere else. Lately it has been at a high Personal cost, and this has not been easy, but it should demonstrate how important the Community is to me.

Your Contributions

You are absolutely free to do what you want with OSDCloud. It is free. It is also entirely up to you if you want to contribute to OSDCloud to make it better, or if you want to do things on your own for personal benefit. That's your call, but understand my priority will always be to Contributing for the Community, and I will neither support nor spend time on adding things that do not benefit the Community

The State of OSDCloud

This is so important to understand, but I'm not done with it. I struggled with deciding between releasing OSDCloud early, or waiting until everything was complete. I ended up deciding that OSDCloud was too important to hold back.
That said, I have not released everything. I am not done with everything. I have released things in a logical order in very well thought out process. If there is something you want added to OSDCloud, talk to me. More than likely its already been thought out by someone who knows OSDCloud inside and out. Also keep in mind that there are things I am planning that I haven't discussed, and things that you can do now in OSDCloud, but have no clue about since I have not documented it yet (like Wireless)
Finally, if I am not adding what you want right now, please consider my time constraints that I have listed in My Contributions. I will say that if I didn't share OSDCloud then I would probably be 100% done as this documentation takes a significant amount of time! So where are we?

The Wizard of Oz

The absolute best example I can give is that you have just entered Oz and are staring at OSDCloud front and center
That example clearly makes me Professor Marvel behind the curtain. But while you may be focused on OSDCloud, or the Professor, the real star is the OSD PowerShell Module. These are the controls and gadgets that make everything work
That said, I have put all my work in the OSD Module to make all of this work, and I'm asking for you to contribute to the Module to make things better for the community
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