Operating System Deployment in the Cloud

OSDCloud is a solution for deploying Windows 10/11 x64 over the internet using the OSD PowerShell Module. This works by booting to WinPE where the OSDisk is wiped and partitioned. Once this is complete, the Windows Operating System is downloaded from Microsoft Update (using CuRL), before finally being staged (expanded) on the OSDisk. Driver Packs from Dell, Lenovo, and HP are downloaded directly from each of the manufacturers where they are installed in WinPE or in the Windows Specialize Phase. For computers that do not have a Driver Pack, hardware drivers are downloaded from Microsoft Update, so this should work on just about any computer model out there.

Full instructions are detailed on this site on how to create and customize WinPE to use OSDCloud, or you can use your own WinPE with PowerShell and try it out using OSDCloud Sandbox

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