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OSD Updated May 23, 2023

I'll walk you through how to create a Provisioning Package for OS Deployment. In this example, I'll be working with Google Chrome Enterprise. Start by downloading the MSI from this link

On that link, you can select the Google Chrome you want to download. I'm following these options

  1. Stable

  2. MSI (not bundle)

  3. 64 bit Architecture

  4. Make a note of the version, in my case it is 113.0.5672.127

  5. Download the file to your Downloads directory

Windows Configuration Designer

You should have Windows Configuration Designer installed. Open it and select Advanced provisioning

Enter the details of your Project. The Name field doesn't take periods well, so keep that in mind. Pres Next

Runtime settings

Complete the following steps

  1. Expand Runtime settings

  2. Expand to ProvisoiningCommands, Primary Context, Command

  3. Add a Name for the install. I chose Install

  4. Press the Add button

Complete the following steps

  1. Select the Name that you selected for step 3 in the last screenshot. For me, this is Install

  2. CommandFile: Browse to the Google Chrome Enterprise that was downloaded earlier

  3. Commands

    1. CommandLine: msiexec /i "googlechromestandaloneenterprise64.msi" /passive /norestart

    2. ContinueInstall: TRUE. You don't want this to kill your deployment if the installation fails

    3. RestartRequired: FALSE.

  4. Export Provisioning Package

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