MDT DriverPacks

This feature will be completed and released in mid April, as well as a Driverless MDT using OSDCloud's DriverPacks

Will you still use Out-of-box-Drivers when you can use Driver Packs in MDT?

As OSDCloud has demonstrated, it is easy to pull Drivers from the Cloud, but its also designed to search for the required files locally in the case an of OSDCloud.usb. I wanted to give you an example of how DriverPacks can replace Out-of-box-Drivers in MDT by using some of the concepts of OSDCloud, like Specialize DriverPacks

Specialize DriverPacks

Deployment Share

The Deployment Share should be configured with a DriverPacks directory. The folder structure doesn't matter at all

OSD Module

For this to work properly, you will need the OSD Module in WinPE, as well as in the Offline OS BEFORE you restart from WinPE. I'll work on a new function to copy it to an Offline OS, similar to Copy-PSModuleToFolder

Task Sequence

A single Command Line step is needed to get the proper Driver Pack name and search for it in the DriverPacks folder. In this step, I have the Command line set to the following

PowerShell.exe -Command Add-OSDMDTDriverPack

This may likely change before it is finalized for release


You will need to add this code to the Specialize pass of your Unattend.xml. This is what launches the Expand-StagedDriverPack function

<RunSynchronousCommand wcm:action="add">
    <Path>Powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command Expand-StagedDriverPack</Path>

This is how it looks in an MDT Deployment, staged to C:\MININT\Unattend.xml

Deployment Process

You really shouldn't notice anything different during the MDT Deployment process. here are some screenshots anyway

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