OSD Updated May 21, 2023

It's a good idea to remember how to know what your current OSDCloud Workspace is. You can find out with this function. On a system that has never created an OSDCloud Workspace, you will receive the following Warning and nothing will be returned

PS C:\> Get-OSDCloudWorkspace
WARNING: 2022-02-22-223047 Unable to locate C:\ProgramData\OSDCloud\workspace.json

Here is an example of how to test if you have an OSDCloud Workspace

PS C:\> if (Get-OSDCloudWorkspace) {$true} else {$false}
WARNING: 2022-02-22-223256 Unable to locate C:\ProgramData\OSDCloud\workspace.json

Ideally, you should get a path returned if you have an OSDCloud Workspace

PS C:\> Get-OSDCloudWorkspace

The current OSDCloud Workspace is stored in the OSDCloud Template at C:\ProgramData\OSDCloud\workspace.json

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