Windows Media Download

The OSD module now includes a function to build upgrade media (including the install.wim) which can be pulled into MDT or ConfigMgr or other processes.

New-OSDCloudOSWimFile -OSName 'Windows 11 23H2 x64' -OSEdition Pro -OSLanguage en-us -OSActivation Retail

This function will reach out and download the appropriate esd file, then build the media sources

Available Parameters:

  • [String] OSName: Windows Version & Arch

  • [String] OSEdition

  • [String] OSLanguage

  • [String] OSActivation

The command will download the esd file to c:\OSDCloud\OS\($OSName), and then build the media in c:\OSDCloud\IPU\Media\($OSName)

First example below is downloading Windows 11 23H2 ARM64. On this device, I had already downloaded the esd file before, so the function saw it was there, did a SHA1 HASH check, confirmed it was good, and continued to build the media folders and content

Second example is grabbing Windows 11 23H2 x64.

Here you can see the media below:

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