MDT: Add OSDCloud WinPE Drivers

Requires OSD

You can add WinPE Drivers to MDT using Import-OSDCloudWinPEDriverMDT. This function can automatically import the following Manufacturer drivers into MDT

  • Dell

  • HP

  • Lenovo

  • Microsoft Surface

  • Nutanix

  • VMware

Additionally, the following Hardware Drivers can also be added

  • Intel Ethernet

  • Intel Wireless (Requires WinPE created with WinRE)

  • Generic USB

  • by HardwareID (Microsoft Catalog)

Its a good idea to update your WinPE Drivers from time to time to ensure you have the latest. Simply delete the OSDCloud WinPE x64 folder from Out-of-Box Drivers and repeat this process

Import HP Drivers

In this example, I'll import the HP WinPE DriverPack using the following command

Import-OSDCloudWinPEDriverMDT -Driver HP

This will download the current HP Client Windows PE 10 x64 Driver Pack, expand the contents, and add it to Out-of-Box Drivers

Import All Drivers

In this example, I'll import all available Drivers to MDT using the following command

Import-OSDCloudWinPEDriverMDT -Driver *

Import a Driver by HardwareID

You can also import an individual Driver by using a simiar command line to the example below

Import-OSDCloudWinPEDriverMDT -DriverHWID 'VEN_10EC&DEV_5261'

Out-of-Box Drivers

Drivers will be added to Out-of-Box Drivers automatically in a folder called OSDCloud WinPE x64

Selection Profile

A new Selection Profile named OSDCloud WinPE x64 will be created containing all the Drivers

Deployment Share Update

Now is a good time to set your WinPE Selection Profile in your MDT Deployment Share properties to OSDCloud WinPE x64. Once this is complete, you can Update Deployment Share to add the WinPE Drivers to your Boot Image

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