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You are going to be mounting wim files, so yes, this is an absolute with no way around it


For this we have a single function invoke-AzOSDAzureConfig that admits several parameters. It has two parameterSetName one for Bicep and one for Terraform

  • ParameterSetName Bicep

  • Location : corresponding Azure region

  • ResourceGroupName : corresponding the resource group create in Azure

invoke-AzOSDAzureConfig -Location westeurope -ResourceGroupName osdclouddemo
  • ParameterSetName Terraform

  • UseTerraform : Is boolean parameter

PS C:\Users\JM2K69> invoke-AzOSDAzureConfig -UseTerraform $true

The function uses the command Connect-AzAccount -UseDeviceAuthentication for the authentication part with Bicep and for the Terraform part we will use Azure Cli with az login --use-device-code

Terraform execution


osdcloud_containers = ["server", "retail", "insiders", "driverpack", "bootimage"]
osdscript_containers = ["scripts", "packages", "unattend", "others"]
osdcloud_resourcegroup = "AzOSDClouddemo"
osdcloud_StorageAccountOSDScripts = "osdscriptsdemo"
osdcloud_StorageAccountOSDCloud = "osdclouddemo2"
osdcloud_Location = "westeurope"
subscription_id = "9b288c1f-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"
technicien_id = "1618bbc9-bdce-45af-a3bd-a86c224d8094"
tenant_id = "d1c6xxxx-d6xx-4xx-xxxx-313xxxxxxx86be"


Verify in Azure

Resource groups

Storage account properties

Acces Control (IAM)

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