Cloud Functions and Scripts

OSDCloud Functions are used to simplify the OSD Process in WinPE and OOBE. Storing these functions online allows for easy updates without requiring downloading PowerShell Modules or constantly updating WinPE

To import OSDCloud Functions, use the following command

iex (irm

If the OSDCloud functions loaded successfully, you should see version information and the PowerShell Prompt will change to show [OSDCloud]: These functions exist in the current PowerShell session and are unloaded by closing the current PowerShell session

Available Functions

Most OSDCloud Functions start with an osdcloud prefix. You can view these in the current PowerShell session by running the following command

Get-Command osdcloud*

Why use OSDCloud Functions?

The best example that I can give is that it makes OSDCloud universal. This allows you to use OSDCloud on any WinPE Boot Image that has PowerShell. If you have an OSDCloud Boot Image that was created last December, well before OSDCloud Azure, there isn't a need to update the Boot Image since it will self update as part of the OSDCloud Azure deployment

Additionally, OSDCloud Functions allows for faster development, and it ensures you are always running the latest version. To access Azure, you need to be online, so updating OSDCloud components works perfectly in this situation

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