April 13, 2021 OSD 21.4.13+

This guide will show you how to enable WiFi support in OSDCloud. Currently WPA2 Personal is working and there are plans to enable other connection methods


WiFi support required a few people to test and code to get where we are today. They deserve some recognition for their work. Very special thanks to Ondrej Sebela for his excellent contribution

New-OSDCloud.template -WinRE

WiFi doesn't work natively in WinPE, but there is minimal support in WinRE. This means that your OSDCloud WinPE will have to be built using WinRE. Follow the instructions to rebuild your Template at this link


Any time you make changes to your Template, you will need to rebuild your Workspace. Simply use this command to overwrite your existing Workspace

pageOSDCloud Workspace


Yes you will need to run your WinPE through an Edit pass. If you have an Intel Wireless Network Adapter, then you are in luck as there is a CloudDriver which will add the drivers you need. For other Wireless Network Adapters, you are going to have to experiment by adding the Driver. Finally, this pass is needed to modify Startnet.cmd

WinPE (actually WinRE)

If you are lucky enough to have an Intel Wireless Network Adapter, then you will be presented with this PowerShell Window. If you are connecting over Ethernet, just close this out. You will also notice a minimized PowerShell Window, this is to do anything you want. In my case, I used it to start taking Screenshots using Get-ScreenPNG

To start a Wireless WPA2 connection, simply enter the Index number of your SSID. These are sorted by Signal and not SSID incase you couldn't tell

Once you make a selection, you will be prompted for credentials. Simply enter the password for your SSID and press OK

Give it about 20 - 30 seconds and it should connect

Once you are connected, the PowerShell Window for your WiFi connection should close, and a new PowerShell Window will open so you can Start-OSDCloud

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