OSDCloudRE Azure

This tool is designed to run in Windows and create a new Recovery Partition. The Recovery Partition will be prepared with the Boot Image ISO that is downloaded from Azure Storage

The goal of this tool is to allow booting to OSDCloud in a Recovery Partition so you can immediately image the device without a USB. It is not intended to create a permanent OSDCloud Recovery Partition

There are no plans to create functions to remove or resize the OSDCloudRE Partition

BootImage Container

Create a BootImage Storage Container and upload an OSDCloud ISO. Read the following link for more information



Open PowerShell as Admin and run this function. You will be prompted to authenticate to Azure

Once authenticated, OSDCloud Storage Accounts with BootImage Containers will be enumerated. If an OSDCloud ISO or Boot Image ISO is found, the OSDCloudRE Azure GUI will be displayed. You are able to select from multiple files if you have any

It's important to note that when the process is completed, the computer will reboot automatically. Deselect the Restart-Computer option in the Build Options file menu

Press the Start button when you are ready to continue


The ISO will be downloaded from Azure Storage. This step should take less than a minute to complete

Once the ISO has been downloaded, it will be mounted and the contents will be copied to the new OSDCloudRE Partition. On next boot, Windows Boot Manager (bootmgr) will be set to boot to the OSDCloudRE Partition

If you view Disk Manager, you will see the secondary Recovery Partition which is created immediately after the Windows Partition

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