Storage Containers

Storage Containers exist within the Azure Storage Account. These can be set to be Public, but for the scope of OSDCloud Azure, these should be kept Private and Secure.

Container Naming

Containers can be named whatever you want them to be to help you organize your Windows Images. In the example below, I've created Storage Containers to separate the different Windows Image types

Containers can also be named to separate your Teams, there isn't a wrong way to design this

One thing to remember is that each Container can have different Roles for Access

Create an Images Storage Container

In this example, I will create a simple Storage Container called Images that will contain my Windows Images

Upload WIM

Now you can upload a WIM to your images Container. Select Upload and then browse to your WIM. You will need to select Overwrite since we have not added any Access Control yet, and use the Account key option for the upload

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