Build Process

OSD Updated May 15, 2023

The next few screenshots will detail the steps that are needed to make OSDCloud work


  1. Start writing the PowerShell Transcript

  2. Mirror the ADK Media directory to the OSDCloud Template

  3. Copy the ADK winpe.wim to the OSDCloud Template boot.wim

  4. Mount the boot.wim

  5. Mount the WinPE registry to get the WinPE Info

ADK Packages

  1. Inject ADK Packages for PowerShell functionality

  2. Save the Windows Image


  1. Copy some helper files from the running OS

  2. If MDT is installed, add the Dart Configuration

  3. If Microsoft Dart is installed, inject the Tools

  4. Save the Windows Image

  5. Set the WinPE PowerShell ExecutionPolicy

  6. Enable PowerShell Gallery support

  7. Remove winpeshl.ini if it is present

  8. Change some settings for a better Command Prompt experience


  1. Display the installed Windows Packages


  1. Dismount the Windows Image

  2. Export the Boot.wim to compress the file

  3. Create empty configuration directories

  4. Create the ISOs

  5. Set the OSDCloud Template to the new path

  6. Stop writing the PowerShell Transcript

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