WinPE Downloads

OSD Updated May 21, 2023

This media is being shared on a temporary basis only

WinPE Boot Media

The following ISO's are just WinPE with minor changes to support PowerShell Gallery and OSDCloud. There are no Drivers, and the OSD PowerShell Module is not installed. You can use these to replace the winpe.wim in your ADK for use with CM or MDT. This boot media will boot to wpeinit, but you can easily start PowerShell and install your favorite Modules

Windows 11 22H2 ADK
  • Windows 11 22H2 ADK winpe.wim

Windows 11 22H2 ADK with KB5026372

Windows 11 22H2 WinRE
  • Windows 11 22H2 WinRE

  • Supports Wi-Fi

  • Supports Recovery Environment

Windows 11 22H2 WinRE with KB5026372

Create a bootable USB Drive

If you have the latest OSD PowerShell Module, use the New-OSDCloudUSB function to create a bootable USB

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