🚧OSDCloud VM

OSD Updated May 29, 2023

This page is under construction and the update hasn't even been released, so there is nothing you can do yet. Be patient

Let's have an intimate conversation about Hyper-V and OSDCloud. For starters, I do almost all of my testing in Hyper-V on my Workstation, and I've been creating Virtual Machines hundreds of times ... all of that wasted time. So how about automating this process for OSDCloud

Admin Rights

Let's start with the obvious, you will need Admin Rights. You won't even see the New-OSDCloudVM function without it. Got it?


Get your Hyper-V in working order. This is a new function, and I don't have all the checks in place so expect things to go sour if you haven't at least created a Virtual Machine


Your OSDCloud Workspace should be in good order as well. You can easily check this with Get-OSDCloudWorkspace. What is important to know is that OSDCloud VM uses the OSDCloud_NoPrompt.iso to boot.

If you need to change your OSDCloud Workspace, use the Set-OSDCloudWorkspace function

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