Storage Accounts


To deploy from Azure, you will first need a Storage Account. Make sure you pick a good Region as this will impact costs. Don't go crazy here, you are serving up a 4GB WIM, so Standard Performance and Local Redundancy should work fine


You will need to decide if you want Public Access or not. This does not enable it by default, it only gives the option to enable it later. I recommend this as a method of keeping a WinPE ISO that can be easily accessed if needed, but you will need to decide what is best for your environment

Yes, default to Azure Active Directory authorization

Do the math on the calculator. You will be accessing date more frequently than writing data, and I have found that the Hot comes out cheaper than Cool for the Access Tier


This will vary, but I generally leave the defaults

Data Protection

You should not need Recovery ... but that's your call

It's a good idea to enable Tracking if multiple people have write access to the Storage Account. Versioning is not necessary, just upload an image with a different name as that should contain version information as a best practice anyway


I leave this as Default


OSDCloud requires a Storage Account Tag for proper integration. The Name should be OSDCloud and the Value can be anything you want. Make sure to select the Tag only for the Storage Account

During the WIM selection of the Azure OSDCloud Deployment, the Tag is displayed with the Storage Account

Review + Create

Do it.

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