Windows In-place Upgrades

The OSD module now includes a function to perform an inplace upgrade of your windows device.

Invoke-OSDCloudIPU -OSName 'Windows 11 23H2 x64'

Invoke-OSDCloudIPU will check your device, gather several items to know what the correct upgrade media is needed, then download and upgrade. It will also download a driver pack if found and make available to the setup engine.

Available Parameters:

  • [String] OSName: Windows Version & Arch

  • [Switch] Silent: Passes the /quiet parameter to the setup engine

  • [Switch] SkipDriverPack: Will skip checking and downloading a driver pack to apply during upgrade

  • [Switch] NoReboot: Passes the /noreboot to the setup engine

  • [Switch] DownloadOnly: Will download the media for your device, but not actually trigger upgrade, think of this option like pre-caching

  • [Switch] DiagnosticPrompt: Passes the /DiagnosticPrompt parameter to the setup engine

Items it checks on the local device:

  • Current OS Edition (Pro / Home / Enterprise)

  • Current OS Language (Get-WinSystemLocale)

  • Current OS Activation (Retail / Volume)

  • Current OS Architecture (x64 or ARM64)

Based on the OSName you provide, and the OS information gathered from the local machine, it will first download the approrate .esd file to c:\OSDCloud\OS\($OSName), then it will build the upgrade media needed in c:\OSDCloud\IPU\Media. Note, during the process, it will check if you have a OSDCloud Flash drive inserted, and pull the esd file from there if available.

Then it will check for and download the driver pack to c:\Drivers

Once all of the content is downlaoded, it will then trigger the upgrade.

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