OSD Updated May 21, 2023

I've added some functions to help you with customizing Windows in OOBE. You can access them by running either of the following commands in PowerShell

iex (irm
iex (irm

The PowerShell Prompt will display [OSDCloud] when they are enabled and ready for use

These functions only exist in the current PowerShell session. Additionally, they will only work in OOBE at this time, not full Windows


This function will let you add any Windows Capability as needed by GridView, or matching a String


This should be self explanatory


This function will remove Appx Provisioned Packages by matching a string, or displaying a GridView if you do not add a string to the command line


If you are looking to add some Rsat Tools, then this function will either match a string, or display a GridView to select from


This will check to see if an Autopilot Profile has been downloaded to the device


This function will update Hardware Drivers from Microsoft. Alt + Tab to the minimized window to view progress


This function will do exactly what you think it does. Windows will be fully up to date including Defender

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