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This section is going to detail how to run OSD from Azure Storage. If you know nothing about Azure Storage, then you may find this helpful

The first thing you will need to create is a Storage Account. Think of this as your Deployment Server. Your Azure environment may consist of one or hundreds of Storage Accounts which are used for all kinds of things, such as Azure Functions, or Web Services. For OSDCloud to find the correct Storage Account to use, the Storage Account contains a Tag, which is a Key Value pair. OSDCloud ignores all Storage Accounts that do not have a Tag Key of OSDCloud (the Value doesn't matter yet, just the Key). For the Tag to be read, the Deployment User needs to have Reader role on the Storage Account. This design makes it able to find the proper Storage Accounts to use for OSDCloud in generally less than a second.

Storage Containers exist within a Storage Account. Think as these as Deployment Shares, which can either be Public or Private. It may be quite helpful to put a WinPE Boot ISO that contains no sensitive information in your Public Storage Container, or don't may one at all. Public Storage Containers are optional, OSDCloud doesn't need them

What OSDCloud does need are Storage Containers with WIM files (ISO support is coming soon). These should be kept in a Private (Secure) Storage Container.

Files that exist in the Storage Containers are called Blobs. In the scope of OSDCloud, these Blobs would be WIM files. The only role that is needed to access the Blob is Storage Blob Data Reader

When you are ready to set the required access to your Storage Account and Storage Containers, review the following page

Once you have these steps complete, simply upload your WIM files into your Storage Containers and they will be ready for OSDCloud to use. For now, only Image Index 1 is used, but more functionalities will be added soon, including a GUI

Feedback is critical at this point as this is being designed from scratch. If you have some ideas for improvement, please reach out

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