Once you have your Azure Setup complete, you may want to test OSDCloud Azure to see how it will perform in your environment. You can complete this test in Windows in an Admin Elevated PowerShell Session. Make sure you have the OSD PowerShell Module 22.6.1 or newer

  1. Run Start-OSDCloudAzure. You will be prompted to connect to Azure and may have to select your Subscription if you have more than one

  2. Make a note that you are able to see your OSDCloud tagged Storage Accounts with optional BootImage and DriverPack Storage Containers

  3. Verify you are able to see all your OSDCloud tagged Storage Accounts with the appropriate Containers

  4. Verify that you have all your available OS Images in OSDCloud Azure. You can press Start if you want to continue with the test

The test will download the Blob Image from Azure Storage and the proper Driver Pack for your system

When complete, the script will stop so you can verify that everything worked. If it did, you're ready to repeat the process in WinPE

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