April 23. 2021 | OSD 21.4.23+

You can use a CustomImage with Start-OSDCloud by either specifying a URL, or placing the file on a USB or Network Share


If you happen to have a URL for a WIM or an ESD, you can specify that using the -ImageFileUrl parameter. Make sure you include -ImageIndex, otherwise it will default to 1

Invoke-OSDCloud Variables

These are passed from Start-OSDCloud -ImageFileUrl to Invoke-OSDCloud for processing


If you have a Custom WIM or an ESD file, simply place it in a the following path (subdirectories are good) on a USB Drive or Network Share


OSDCloud will scan the above path on available drives for image files, as long as they are WIM or ESD Files

Only Drive Letters D-Z except X: because that's WinPE (C: isn't checked because it will be wiped)

In my example below, I have mapped a Network Drive which contains the OSDCloud OS Path and 4 OS Images have been found. After selecting an ImageFile, I will be prompted to select an ImageIndex

Invoke-OSDCloud Variables

My example above will pass these variables to Invoke-OSDCloud for processing

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