Named Templates

OSD Updated May 15, 2023

There may come a time when you need to create multiple OSDCloud Templates. I'll get into this further in the next few pages, but let's cover the basics here


To create a named OSDCloud Template, simply use the Name parameter


When you create a new OSDCloud Template, that will be the one that gets used by default going forward, until it is changed. To find out what your current OSDCloud Template is, use this function

PS C:\> Get-OSDCloudTemplate
C:\ProgramData\OSDCloud\Templates\My New Profile


This function will return all the OSDCloud Templates that have been registered

PS C:\> Get-OSDCloudTemplateNames
My New Profile


This function will If you have more than one OSDCloud Template, you can change between OSDCloud Templates using this function and the Name parameter

PS C:\> Set-OSDCloudTemplate #without params, returns to default

PS C:\> Set-OSDCloudTemplate -Name 'My New Profile'
C:\ProgramData\OSDCloud\Templates\My New Profile

PS C:\> Set-OSDCloudTemplate -Name default

By the way, there is Tab-Complete to make your life easier

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