OSDCloud now supports installing an Operating System from an ISO, which means you can test drive Windows Insider Editions or even install Windows Server. This example will show how to install Windows 11 Insider

Download the Insider ISO

Hit the following link and download whatever ISO you want to flight


Save the Windows Insider ISO to your OSDCloudUSB volume in the OSDCloud\OS directory or any subdirectory

OSDCloud WinPE

Using your OSDCloud USB you can boot to WinPE. If you Start-OSDCloudGUI, that will perform a search for ISO files and mount them before the GUI loads

This will allow you to select the WIM you want to install from the combo box. You will even be able to select the Operating System Edition to whatever you want

Now you are fully ready to install Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022 and let OSDCloud handle the Drivers

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