OSD Updated May 29, 2023

There function is used to return the OSDCloudVM defaults. The defaults are set in the OSD Module by importing the settings from the OSD.json file that exists in the root of the OSD Module. This file cannot be changed

When creating a new OSDCloud VM, these defaults will be used to create the Virtual Machine. Most of the values used are defaults that are required for Windows 11, although I would recommend using more powerful settings if your system can handle it. The defaults represent the Minimum level that should be used with an OSDCloud VM

  "CheckpointVM": true,
  "Generation": 2,
  "MemoryStartupGB": 4,
  "NamePrefix": "OSDCloud",
  "ProcessorCount": 1,
  "StartVM": true,
  "SwitchName": null,
  "VHDSizeGB": 64

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