OSD Updated May 23, 2023

Hopefully you read the how to add your Autopilot configuration. This will be similar. Don't worry if you don't know how to create a Provisioning Package, that will be detailed in the next few pages. This guide will detail how you add a Provisioning Package to your OSDCloud deployment

Here are the paths for you to add your Provisioning Package to either ISO Media or USB

#Content will be on the ISO or USB Boot Partition
#Ideal for Virtual Machine testing

#Content will be on the USB Drive
#Ideal for Physical Machine testing

I'll start by adding my Google Chrome Enterprise Provisioning Package and updating my OSDCloud ISO

Boot to WinPE

Now I'll boot to a Virtual Machine to this ISO and start an OSDCloud deployment. The screenshot below should help you visualize where the Provisioning Package is on the ISO. Invoke-OSDCloud will pick this up automatically before the disk is wiped. This is for you to validate that your process worked.

Towards the end of my OSDCloud Deployment, the Provisioning Package will be applied to the offline OS

First Boot

After my computer restarts from WinPE, the Provisioning Package should be applied. You may or may not see any progress during this Phase


A quick check in OOBE shows that Google Chrome was installed as it is in my Program Files

Windows Desktop

Now when I login for the first time, Google Chrome is already installed and ready to go

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