OSD Updated May 21, 2023

The Sandbox is a way test OSDCloud without using a dedicated OSDCloud WinPE. It is a PowerShell that will setup all of the OSDCloud prerequesties, although you will need to have PowerShell working in your WinPE

Sandbox URL

The OSDCloud Sandbox can be accessed at this URL


If you open this URL in your web browser, you will be redirected to the following RAW link on GitHub where you can review the script


You can return the script in PowerShell using this cmdlet

Invoke-RestMethod sandbox.osdcloud.com


This cmdlet is used to run a PowerShell script. Understanding that, you can use any of the following one-liners to execute the OSDCloud Sandbox PowerShell script in WinPE

Invoke-Expression (Invoke-RestMethod 'https://sandbox.osdcloud.com')
Invoke-Expression (Invoke-RestMethod sandbox.osdcloud.com)
iex (irm sandbox.osdcloud.com)

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