OSD Updated May 22, 2023


I spent some time automating the download, extraction, and injecting the drivers in OSDCloud's WinPE. I call these CloudDrivers. For this parameter I recommend you use install everything with the following command line
Edit-OSDCloudWinPE -CloudDriver *
This will download and inject the following drivers
  • Dell Enterprise Driver Cab
  • HP WinPE 10 Driver Pack
  • Intel Ethernet Drivers
  • Lenovo Dock Drivers (Microsoft Catalog)
  • Nutanix
  • USB Dongles (Microsoft Catalog)
  • VMware (Microsoft Catalog)
  • WiFi (Intel Wireless Drivers) [Requires WinRE]
These are handled by mixing and matching the following values
Edit-OSDCloudWinPE -CloudDriver Dell,HP,IntelNet,LenovoDock,Nutanix,USB,VMware,WiFi
Here's an example using Dell, USB, and Intel WiFi
Edit-OSDCloudWinPE -CloudDriver Dell,USB,WiFi


If you have a HardwareID, you can specify that with this parameter. This will download the appropriate driver from Microsoft Catalog and inject it into WinPE. Here's an example
Edit-OSDCloudWinPE -DriverHWID 'VID_045E&PID_0927','VID_0B95&PID_7720'


Finally, you can use a Driver Path to specify a folder containing driver INF's that you want to install
Edit-OSDCloudWinPE -DriverPath 'C:\SomePath'
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