Requires OSD
You can use OSDCloud with MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) to support downloading Driver Packs from the internet. Using this process, it is no longer necessary to add Out-of-Box Drivers
While this guide is for MDT, the CM process will be similar. This will be detailed after testing has been completed


You will need an MDT WinPE with PowerShell and all the optional OC's (cmdlets). This has been tested in WinPE 11, but should work in WinPE 10. Additionally these steps have been tested to run in WinPE, so there are no guarantees that running this in Windows will work, so consider this useful for Bare Metal (New PC) and not an Upgrade Task Sequence

Provisioning Package

My original attempt in getting this to work in MDT required editing the Unattend.xml and running a command in the Specialize phase. This is no longer required by injecting a Provisioning Package containing a PowerShell script. This is in the OSD PowerShell Module if you are curious how this works

Breaking Changes

Due to the support for Provisioning Packages over a customized Unattend.xml, functions supporting the old process will be removed by the end of 2022 as they are no longer supported. If you have previously used OSDCloud in MDT, I strongly recommended that you review any OSD functions you are using in MDT to ensure there won't be any issues. The following functions will be removed in a future OSD PowerShell Module
  • Enable-SpecializeDriverPack
  • Expand-StagedDriverPack
  • Expand-ZTIDriverPack
  • Import-MDTWinPECloudDriver
  • Invoke-OSDSpecialize
  • Invoke-OSDSpecializeDev
  • Save-ZTIDriverPack
  • Set-OSDCloudUnattendAuditMode
  • Set-OSDCloudUnattendAuditModeAutopilot
  • Set-OSDCloudUnattendSpecialize
  • Set-OSDCloudUnattendSpecializeDev
  • Set-OSDxCloudUnattendSpecialize