OSDCloud Sandbox prepares your WinPE environment to run OSDCloud to image your device


You can use OSDCloud Sandbox on any WinPE that has PowerShell Package added from the Microsoft ADK, so this should work on most MDT and CM Boot Images. The following example is using a simple WinPE created with the Microsoft ADK (and PowerShell)
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11 WinPE (ADK, MDT, or CM)
  • Microsoft ADK PowerShell added to WinPE
  • WinPE Drivers for your device (Network and Disk)
  • Internet connection
Any errors may be related to a firewall blocking traffic. I'll work on what needs to be opened and add that to this guide

Boot to WinPE

If you booted to a USB, you can remove it at this time

Invoke Sandbox

In a Command Prompt, type the following command and press enter
powershell iex(irm
Yes, you can open PowerShell and invoke from there, but it's best to open PowerShell AFTER the WinPE environment has been updated to support PowerShell Gallery and OSDCloud

Watch and Learn

Within a minute, PowerShell Gallery will be enabled, and OSDCloud requirements (OSD Module and Curl) will be set

Start OSDCloud or OSDCloudGUI

At this point, start PowerShell and run OSDCloud
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