OSDCloud Template

New-OSDCloud.template has been renamed to New-OSDCloudTemplate (without the period in the name). The old name is now an Alias, but that will be removed on April 1, 2022
This function requires elevated Admin Rights
Now that you have your Machine Configuration complete, the next thing to do is to create an OSDCloud Template. This is called a Template as it will be used to create multiple OSDCloud Workspaces (multiple variations). The WinPE in the OSDCloud Template is what I call Universal WinPE because it can be used with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Configuration Manager) as well


To create your PowerShell function has a few options


Use this parameter if you are on Windows 10 and want to create your OSDCloud Template with WinRE (instead of the ADK WinPE) to support Wireless
New-OSDCloudTemplate -WinRE


You can add additional languages to your OSDCloud Template using the Language parameter
New-OSDCloudTemplate -Language de-de,es-es,fr-fr

Move to Production System

I mentioned earlier that I am running Windows 11, but I created my OSDCloud Template on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine for Wireless compatibility. I can either keep working with OSDCloud in the Virtual Machine, but for me it is easier to copy C:\ProgramData\OSDCloud to my Windows 11 system and continue from there



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